Saturday, April 22, 2006

my kitchen goddess sister

I know, it kinda sounds like an Amy Tan title, but this is all I have to say so far about my awesome sister. She's simply a kitchen goddess, come down to visit me and bless me with her gooey cinnamon buns from scratch. I mean, who makes cinnamon buns from scratch anymore nowadays in the age of instant-everything?

My sister Flo spent four hours in the kitchen making these cinnamon buns. I don't spend four hours doing anything in the kitchen. There's a reason why cookies are my favourite thing to make -- 7 minutes to beat and put on the pan, 7 minutes to bake, 7 minutes to clean up. To her, it's no big deal, but to me, making anything with yeast just sounds too complicated and intimidating. The more mysterious to me, all the more power to her kitchen prowess!

We took some of these buns to Kat's birthday party and they were quite the hit. All in all, it was an awesome day full of sugar, laughter and celebration.


out_there_q said...


I was this close to making hot cross buns last weekend. chickened out, partly because my sister's foodie-fiend Martha-Stewart-wannabe best friend was here for the weekend. didn't want to risk the critique, y'know? simpler problem, if it were merely laziness!

more power to your sister!!

enitsuj said...

you can try your baking on me anytime Q! :) I'll always leave the gourmet market to my sis and keep in my arena of "looks impressive, but is really easy to make"

Matthea said...

Justine, those cinnamon buns were killer! i could not resist those HUGE fluffs of faux cream cheese icing (mmm, pure butter!) sitting there, beckoning and calling my name. Also, I was tempted to smash the fluffy tops on Kat's back...don't ask me why! Send me to a therapist! ;p. haha.

Matthea said...

oh, by the way, you need to take the little asian quiz I posted up on my blog. haha. what kind of asian girl are you? ;p