Friday, April 07, 2006

a black hole sucking gobs of time

Yeesh! I can't believe I just spent the past three hours adding my favourite/regularly-read links to the side of my blog. As if I don't already spend enough time online.

After wavering all afternoon, I decided to choose to be social and went for a visit with my grandparents, then eventually had a good time with Jocelyn and her friends celebrating her acceptance to grad school. I haven't had a proper visit with her in a matter of years, yet thanks to technology (namely, blogging, and next in line is e-mail) I don't feel all that out of touch with her. Of course, online is not nearly the same as enjoying her lively intelligence and humour in person! :)

Anyway, deciding to go for both these visits was a small victory of sorts, choosing to crawl out of my little independent-work-filled hole for the night. And then, on the way home, I "passed" another little "test" of sorts (for me considering my food issues, anyway) and managed to let go of my leftover food to a panhandler rather than hoarding it for myself.

And now, off to bed!


photo_fanatic said...

Good for you! :) While technology is a great to keep in touch with friends and family, in person definitely is a much better, much richer way to build relationships.

Stefanie said...

Hey Justine, good to see you have a blog too :) And yes, three hours is very long to update your links ;)

enitsuj said...

can't wait for you to visit in person olfie... less than a couple of weeks already! i enjoy reading of your epiphanies Stef!

Matthea said...

Oops, posted a comment on wrong blog entry. Oh well. Justine, I was looking at your sister's pics link, and was surprised and shocked to see that she and possibly you know Liz and Irv??!!! I don't know Irv's last name, but Liz was Liz Pang before she was married; our families used to hang out a lot when we were young. Crazy linkage!!!

enitsuj said...

yes, my sis flo is good friends with liz and irv! we continue to travel this small world (and specifically ottawa-specific links) :) one of these days i have got to stop talking about this ottawa get together and just DO IT!