Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 5: Prepare

Two steps ago on the Great Writer's Challenge, I decided to start and resurrect an old creative dream of mine. This dream doesn't exactly have to do with pure writing, but it does have to do with words. I am not revealing the full dream yet, but it does include calligraphy. So wherever possible for the rest of this challenge, I am going to use the accountability provided by the challenge to try to keep breathing that dream to life. This means there will be less pure writing posts, and more calligraphy.

I'm being quite literal with these challenges, for this step of "preparing" includes shipping something out, and getting feedback. So here is an old piece I did that has a possible connection to my future dream.

I'm going to leave it super open ended. What do you think? Where could you see something like this being used, shown, or printed?


idelette mcvicker said...

Justine, this is LOVELY! I had no idea ... So great!

I could see you sharing this on Pinterest and facebook, for starters!

Perhaps you want to create one for SheLoves ... :)

You could have an etsy store. Keep doing it, girl! I love that you are posting this. Go for it!

Carolynn Anctil said...

That's incredibly beautiful work. I love calligraphy and toyed with it for a while, years ago. This has so many applications, many of which Idelette has already mentioned. You could create custom baby books that new parents could buy and fill in the blanks and print your work out on greeting cards.