Friday, June 08, 2012

Day 3: Just Do It!

So Day 3 on the 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge is: INITIATE. In other words, just do it. Start already! And every day is a new chance to start, again. 

I'm a terrible starter. Even waking up to get the day started is a momentous task. I can procrastinate for several hours on a task that takes only one hour to finish. Getting into a groove is really hard for me. My running personality mirrors this struggle. The first few miles are just sluggish where all I want to do is quit. This happens every time I run, guaranteed. And pretty much everywhere else in life, I naturally resist starting.

But enough procrastinating by whining about how much I hate starting. So the challenge assignment is to:
  1. Choose yourself. Write down "I am a_____" somewhere secret.
  2. Start something you're scared of.
I really had to think about this, because there are no natural instincts or dreams within me to choose anything related specifically to writing to fill in that blank. As for starting something I'm scared of, I have the same struggle with no natural fears related to writing. I have never dreamed about publishing a book or becoming an author...

... but I have dreamed another creative dream for a long time. The dream died with my burnout, but then it emerged again, quite unexpectedly. The fire burned for about half a year, but now, the embers have been burning low for the past year.

That scary dream is the one I think I'm going to try starting again. I filled in the blank and wrote it in big, bold, all caps letters. And I'm going to keep it a secret. And I'm going to pull out my old musings on the dream. Let's get the party started again!

What's your scary hope? What's a dream that needs to be resurrected?
What's one small step that you can take to get started?


idelette mcvicker said...

I actually like that you're keeping it a secret ... the suspense is lovely.

I don't really have any secret dreams. Writing a book or books, certainly, but that's no longer secret. I wouldn't mind climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and raise money for my beautiful Tanzanian friend's ministry for girls at the bottom of the mountain. But I think that's more an idea that I hope can become a goal.

Maybe a secret dream would be to get my Masters. A-ha.

Btw, I'm a sluggish starter when it comes to running too. :)

enitsuj said...

Well, eventually the secret will come out, as hopefully the dream will become a reality. And it may well have some potential overlaps with your goal/hope to climb Kilimanjaro and raise money for the girls... I'm excited to see what comes as I continue the cycle of wait/start/wait/start...

You are a Master of many things, and I'll bet you'll get that piece of paper that says it too one day officially :)