Friday, January 19, 2007

art as procrastination

So yesterday I had a full day ahead of me with potential to... get lots of work done! But no... creative procrastination got the better of me.

It all started with a quick consultation in the morning with Rock on his business cards (who has done a fabulous job of designing his own!). After he left, I was just revving up creatively and Dilys was in the living room making greeting cards... so I decided to give myself permission to not work (I'll be making it up shortly with 20 hour work days in March, or so my conscience tells me).

Just as I was beginning to get a taste of not being stuck on the productivity treadmill, I discovered that you can be addicted to productivity even in artistic endeavours (I thought, and was hoping, that art would help slow me down!) But still, I couldn't help but get a buzz from all the tick marks on my creative to-do list that I got done all in a day!

  • Finished up the letterhead set for Lubna, the final step after logo development and business card designs we started over half a year ago...Patient woman and gracious friend for the unacceptably long wait!
  • Drafted some initial wedding invitation ideas for Andrew and Maggie.
  • Knit a few rows on my scarf while talking to my friend on the phone.
  • Finished a calligraphy piece I've been thinking about for a month on the theme of "finding home" just in time for the Arts in the City, Arts in the Sanctuary call for submissions. There's nothing quite like a deadline to get me moving! Now there's art on demand for ya...
All in all, (putting procrastination and productivity-addiction issues aside), it was just a great spontaneous day of wrapping up, beginning and making progress on random creative projects.
My new book Living Out Loud had a good point in it about how creative people surround themselves with other creative people as one of many ways they foster creativity in their lives. I can see the truth of that, even in yesterday's inspiration being instigated by Rock and Dilys... It should be great to get together with other creative folk next week for our arts and crafts night at our place.

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