Saturday, August 19, 2006

4 things

Ok, because I'm in full procrastinating mode, here is a post I started months ago but never got around to finishing. It is inspired and requested by Queena's list of 7 things and I was reminded by Jocelyn's list of 4 things to revisit and finish my list. I've combined both of their lists and taken Joc's cue for 4 instead of 7 (it was hard enough coming up with 4 for each!). Here they are, starting with the easiest to answer progressing to the most difficult to answer...

4 places/provinces I've lived:
  1. Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Regina)
  2. Ontario (Ottawa, Toronto, Guelph)
  3. British Columbia (Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam)
  4. Alberta (Calgary)
4 places I've been on vacation:
  1. New York City
  2. Vietnam
  3. Mexico
  4. Spain/UK
4 places I still want to see:
  1. Africa
  2. France
  3. Nunavut
  4. Israel
4 favourite foods:
  1. Sushi (especially alaska rolls from Sushi Garden!)
  2. ok this is terrible, I can't think of anything else that ranks high enough, so I'm going to specify my favourite sushi rolls for the remaining three on this list (because sashimi goes without saying!)... so #2 is chopped scallop roll
  3. a good barbequed eel roll
  4. pretty standard house roll (crab, avocado, tamago, tuna and salmon)
4 TV shows I like to watch:
  1. CSI (most often Miami, but also the other two)
  2. Grey's Anatomy
  3. Law and Order
  4. The Apprentice
4 movies I could watch over and over:
  1. Finding Nemo
  2. Matrix (the first one)
  3. Lord of the Rings (all of them)
  4. Ocean's Eleven
4 jobs I've had (I'll list my favourite ones):
  1. Parliamentary Page (aka Glorified Gopher and PR program for the Government of Canada... check out if you can spot me in the goofy group photo I found online)
  2. Graphic Designer and Customer Service at a print shop in Calgary (worked with the most amazing family who owned the shop)
  3. Employee Communications at Campbell Soup (the best cafeteria and cheap Godiva chocolates around)
  4. My current job I love, but don't have an accurate title to describe it :) I like it because I get to work with ideas and people for a God that I love
4 things I want to do before I die:
  1. Travel from one end of Canada to the other
  2. Learn to consistently live out a Sabbath-keeping life, or else I will die sooner with my natural pace of life!
  3. More officially develop and launch a line of inventive wedding invitations
  4. Get married (gasp! dare I utter it aloud? anyone who knows me well would recognize this as a miracle that God is working in my heart...)
4 things I cannot do:
  1. Look at a document without considering its visual appearance/design and/or making a subconscious note about its usage of fonts
  2. Sing harmony without the help of a strong voice beside me
  3. Travel to a city and not call everyone I may know there
  4. Eat without doing something else at the same time (read, talk with someone, watch tv...)
4 books that resonate most with my life:
  1. Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool's Guide to Surviving with Grace
  2. What Color Is Your Parachute?
  3. Life Inside the Thin Cage
  4. The Bible
4 things I say often:
  1. "in the sense that..."
  2. absolutely!
  3. no worries
  4. can't think of a fourth... you tell me what I say the most! :)
4 things that attract me to a guy:
  1. Self-awareness that fuels their own continual growth as a person
  2. Other-awareness that translates into caring for others and for creation
  3. God-awareness that recognizes, seeks out, follows and surrenders to the Divine
  4. Walking on a similar path, headed in a similar direction (i.e. complementary calling in life)
Tag, you're it (people I want to see do this, should you feel the urge to procrastinate):
  1. Florence
  2. Shannon
  3. Hengz
  4. Matthea


jocelyn said...

I totally spotted you in that page picture, front row nearer to the left, right? Those were some seriously dorky uniforms you had to wear... man. You'd think they'd give you something cooler - red serge maybe? :)
I'm completely jealous of your deep cove kayaking experience. I got a brief trip in the maroochy river in Australia and I wish I'd had more time. It was great.

enitsuj said...

Hey Joc, I'd totally take a brief trip in Australia over a 2 hour kayak rental in Vancouver! Yup, dorky polyester penguin suits they gave us to wear... I was part of a letter writing campaign to get the skirts for the women changed to pants, which they promptly enstated for the following group of pages. That's about as personally involved as I got in political matters that year...

out_there_q said...

J! boy am I glad I surfed in... and read your long-awaited lists! :) gasp gasp gasp. I see something here that wasn't on the horizon when I tagged you... :O gasp gasp. gasp.

(btw, happy vacationing in hawg-town happens when you avoid the 'burbs and gross big-boxness there.)

enitsuj said...

yeah, i know queena, I can barely believe it myself and I take it back some days...