Thursday, October 06, 2005

two sinkfuls of orange puke

"How could anybody be so sick?" thought one of the staff of the neighbourhood house down the street from me, after two days of cleaning out two sinkfuls of orange puke in the bathrooms.

It turns out it wasn't orange puke; it was really two sinkfuls of fresh squeezed orange juice. Well how did the juice get to be there?

I heard this story at a community meeting tonight about different shower programs for those in need in communities throughout the city. Every Saturday morning the neighbourhood house down the street from me partners with churches and volunteers in the community to provide a hot breakfast, clean towels and underwear, a hot shower, and more importantly, friendship and hopefully the tools to begin thinking and living in healthier ways.

It turns out one of the program participants, after having been fed several times by the program, came to the desire to want to change his eating habits to healtheir ways. So he went out and bought himself a juicer. And he wanted to share it with people at the community centre and give back to others as he'd been given to.

I guess there was juice all over the place -- in the front lobby, in the bathrooms, everywhere!

Anyway, it's neat to see when programs like this can really touch people and make a difference in their lives.

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