Monday, November 27, 2006

snowy sunday

Yippeee! I was squealing with delight and quite excited when it began to snow. I know it's hell to drive in, but it's just such a novelty in Vancouver that I miss. I love the blanketed rooftops and the brightness the snow brings. The grey skies just don't seem so grey anymore... This is the perfect snow for playing -- just the right consistency and stickyness for snowmen and snowball fights without being too cold. Good thing I bought boots while I was in Toronto (first pair in years!). I went snap-happy last night and this morning.
This is the earliest snowfall I've experienced in Vancouver! We'll see how long it lasts before the rain reigns again. For now, I'll enjoy the Christmas-like atmosphere in the air... speaking of which, our doors are open for our Christmas party (see next post below). Hope you can make it!


matthea said...

Hey Justine,
I know what you mean about the snow. Today, school at UBC / Regent was cancelled (as was a lot of public schools), and it suddenly felt like Christmas morning. Things seem quieter with the snow as a natural sound barrier to traffic (as we can usually hear it from 12th Ave outside our window)...and my housemates and I (with Joash) made and had breakfast together. Last night, (sun), all of us went out and built two stumpy snowmen and had us a snowball fight! hehe. It was THE BEST!!! I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!!!!
Enjoy it while it lasts!!!

enitsuj said...

Thanks Matthea! I'm glad to hear you had such a fun time in the snow :) It's so pretty!!! I wish I coulda just gave myself permission to just chill out and enjoy the quieter day. I have cancelled meetings with the next dump tomorrow, so yay :)