Monday, June 12, 2006

my tongue is pasty from too much sugar

When I came home from NYC on Friday and caught up on my email, there was an e-vite from my roommate Dilys inviting me to her birthday party which was to be held at our house. Yay! Party at our house! I love it when people get together and have a good time, especially when it's at my place :) It was a delightful evening of friendship, belly dancing, weird body tricks, chocolate fondue, birthday cupcakes and way too many other sugar options.
Turns out (not suprisingly so) Dilys has talented literary friends who composed great haikus and even limericks in honour of the birthday girl. Poetry has never been my forte, so my tribute to my roommate for her 24th will be in the form of an acronym of ways she has enriched my life:
D - Dilys engages me in discussions that make me think and stretch my thoughts (in a good way!)
I - These discussions are ever so enriching because of the insight they offer to helping me understand the world around me... Dilys is very insightful!
L - She cleary loves people and has a compassion for others, which stems from her enduring love for God
Y - Dilys may be youthful at the age of 24, but she has that rare combination of also being very wise beyond her years
S - As serious as Dilys can be, every once in awhile, she always cracks me up and catches me off guard when she makes surprising comments that I would never expect to come out of her mouth (like when she says "Dude!")
I'm thankful for you Dilys!
Food photos courtesy of the great eye of Stefanie Coutinho


dilys said...

aww thank you for your kind words, justine! i feel incredibly blessed by your friendship and companionship. i'm grateful for our 'season' of togetherness (to borrow your language), and for the cookies, cupcakes, and smarties that accompany it!

i think we can rest on our hostessing laurels for another 6 months before the next major holiday rolls around. ahhh...

jocelyn said...

Yay! I LOVE haikus, but mostly in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. I might possibly appropriate the idea for my own birthday (are people allowed to plan their own birthday-related events when they are grown-up?)
Stay tuned for info...